Dr. Sunil Kalda gave new life to Chanu Verma

Raipur, Apr 08: Dr. Sunil Kalda, director of Kalda Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Burn Center (accredited by NABH, Chhattisgarh Government and Chhattisgarh Electricity Board) located next to Pachpedhi Naka, Colors Mall and renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon of the region, gave new life to Chanu Verma resident of Rajnandgaon who lost both his legs in a factory accident. Addressing the scribes here, Dr. Sunil Kalda informed that Chanu Verma was working in a private company. On January 8, 2021, during the night shift, while walking in the factory, both the legs came in contact with chain linked with the machine and both his legs got severely damaged resulting in change of direction of bones in both the legs. Chanu Verma was brought to Kalda Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Burn Center on the same night. The surgeons refused that there is no hope of saving the legs because the right leg was turned upside down and the ankle joint bone of the left leg was locked and amputated. Giving hope to the patient, Dr. Kalda said that let’s try and today the result is that both the legs of Chanu Verma have become safe. Dr. Sunil Kalda gave a new lease of life to Chanu. He informed that the bones of Channu’s legs were shattered and the legs were also shortened by 12 cm, which we have increased by 12 cm.
It is notable that for the last 33 years, Dr. Sunil Kalda is the only center carrying out such complicated surgery operations. He further said that so far more than 5000 patients have been connected with the amputated limbs and hands. This type of operation has to be done under a microscope and the patient needs close monitoring. In this each and every subtle vein has to be connected very minutely with each other. If any part is cut off in an accident, then cut off part should be wrapped in polythene along with ice to keep it safe and should be brought to the hospital within six hours. He said that it is not possible to join if the injury is very large. Dr Kalda said that such operations are very rare in the whole country.

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