Dr Prasanna felicitates corona warriors at SXHS Bilaspur

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Bilaspur, Dec 24: It was a wonderful day for the entire team of St. Xavier’s as it brought smile in innumerable faces. The school authority had done a great job by felicitating the corona warriors. The program was a pre-planned one and finally took place just before the Christmas break. It was a gala day for the teachers; for the parents as well as students.
The school management had done a wonderful job by organizing such an event to honor the people who helped people during the time of pandemic. This step reveals the philanthropic nature of the entire team. A number of highly reputed dignitaries were invited to be the witness of such elevating event. Guest of honor for the day was Dr. C. R. Prasanna an I.A.S officer. Among the other dignitaries were Prof. Dr. Harsha Sharma; Dr. Priyanka Chaturvedi; Ms Swapna Kalwani; Ms T.N. Barde; Ankita Pandey; Adv. Ranbir Singh Marhas; Hashim Hamid; Ms. Kshama Singh; Ms Vinita Bhawnani; Dr. Vikrant Singh who graced the occasion with their presence.
The event started in an elegant manner with the traditional lamp lighting and reverberation of showers of blessings tune. Principal Mrs. Supriya A.P addressed the audience with worthy words and warmly welcomed all the honourable guests.
The performance of tiny tots at the initial stage was mesmerizing. The efforts they showcased deserve standing ovation unquestionably. Without further delay the host proceeded towards the main part of the event that is felicitation of corona warriors. The felicitation continued for long to mark the respect for humanity what the team members possess.
A sapling; a shawl; a memento; a certificate and a fruit were given as a token of love and respect to all the corona warriors who worked day and night to help people overcoming the pandemic time. The souvenirs served immense joy to the fighters who bravely fought the corona battle. In between the felicitation there were different events like group songs and group dance. In each part the performers caught eyes of the spectators. It was really a marvellous move as showcased by the entire team. Assistant director A.
Samantaray talked about the intention behind such event. The event was graced by the presence of management people like Ms Lekhashree patanaik; Mistry ( Acc. Head) and Mukesh Sharaf (C.E.O). All of them thanked the dignitaries present in the audience and appreciated the efforts the corona warriors put during the pandemic time. To mark the end of the event Vice Principal Ms. Shayeesta Begam conveyed vote of thanks for making the event a successful one. H.M Mrs. Ranjana Bahadur congratulated all for being the part of the event. Finally, the event concluded with a group dance performed by the students of senior section.
Prior to the celebration of Christmas, the entire team of St. Xavier’s had shown how they value the humanity and the culture of India to the best of their knowledge. In a nutshell it was a well-organized event for the entire audience as well as the society beyond the periphery of school.

The errands conveyed through this must move the others and enrich the society for a better future and to an extent upgrading the nation in different spheres of life.

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