Discussions held on arrangements of rain water drainage in Kushalpur

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Sep 24: In the underground drain construction work near Kushalpur tribal colony for rainwater drainage in the area falling under Vaman Rao Lakhe ward number 66, the underground cable wire of the Electricity Department is being obstructed in the construction of the drain, due to this reason the officers of the Electricity Department, RMC Zone Commissioner and Zone President during the inspection at the drain construction site discussed on removing the underground cable wire. With the removal of the underground cable wire, the construction work of the drain can be completed and arrangements can be made for drainage of rain water in Kushalpur. In addition to this the discussion was also held on removal of obstruction, 3 main supply pole for beautification of ‘Pahadi Talab’. With the removal of obstruction the beautification of ‘Pahadi Talab’ can be done completely and arrangements can be made for easy movement of

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