Demand to start closed crusher units

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Masturi, Mar 11: The working class people, troubled by the closure of the crusher units, submitted a memorandum to SDM Pankaj Dahire on Wednesday demanding that the crusher units be started soon. It is noteworthy that the industry owners, who were troubled by the illegal recovery of funds by forceful leaders and anti-social elements in the crusher industry operated in the area’s Kosmadih, Mohtara, Jayaramnagar, Bhadaura, have closed their business as an opinion.
In this regard, the Crusher Industries Association has submitted a memorandum to the local and district administration in the past and sought to get rid of illegal extortion and take action against the people concerned.
Thousands of laborers working in the crusher industry closed for indefinite time have got the problem of livelihood.
Fearful of this, the laborers reached the police station, district office and SDM office on the concern of their wages and the problem of livelihood and demanded that the crusher industry should be started soon.
SDM Dahire sent workers back after fully assuring to take care of this problem. It may be noted that there are about 40 limestone mines in the area which has 25 crusher units, where thousands of laborers work and live their lives. 80% of the workers in these mines are local. In this situation, if the crusher industry is closed then it is natural that how to maintain their families in front of the laborers. At that time, the concern about running a family was clearly visible on his face. If the crusher industry of the region is getting gifted by a few redemptive leaders and anti-social elements is not started soon. So like millions of laborers, it would be a compulsion to migrate from the area.
Hundreds of workers were present among those who submitted the memorandum, mainly Sanjeev Kumar Sonwani, Ravi Sonwani, Guru Prasad Dahria, Ramprasad Chandrakar, Sugriva Nishad, Banarsi Dhruv, Charan Mohan, Horilal, Shanti Bai, Tirith Bai, Manoj Kumar, Ganpat Patale, Dileshwar Dahria and others.

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