Cyber frauds dupe woman of Rs 45000

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Raipur, Feb 18: Continuing with the similar trend of duping unsuspecting people, two cyber frauds have reportedly duped a woman of Rs 45000 by luring her of winning a LED TV in prize for purchasing over Amazon India and them coaxing her into making the payments in three separate installments. The fraud was complained in Saraswati Nagar police station on Wednesday night.
According to police, complainant Jaishri Subramani of Kukurbeda on February 5 last received a call from cell phone number 83420-94516 wherein the called identified himself as Akhilesh Sharma, an executive from Amazon India.
The caller further told her that her recent purchases over Amazon India have won her a LED TV. Immediately, the caller informed her that the prize can be availed by paying the GST. Overjoyed over being told that she had won a big screen LED TV, the complainant straightway agreed to pay the GST. Hereafter, the caller sent her a bank account number over which she paid Rs 15000.
The next day, another fraud identifying herself as Payal Singh, called the complainant from the same cell phone number and told her that her GST payment has been received successfully but at the same time, she need to pay another Rs 15000 as transportation and handling charges. The complainant even paid this sum after which fraud Payal Singh again called her and said that her payment has not been successful and she needs to immediately pay Rs 15000 or else her claim on the prize will cease.
Still not understanding that she is being cheated, the complainant paid Rs 15000 for the third time as well.
However, no TV has been delivered to her yet and all attempts to contact over the particular cell phone number have since turned futile.
Police, meanwhile, have registered an offence under Section 420, 34 IPC against both the above named frauds and is now investigating the matter further.

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