CMO comes to the rescue of homeless

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Dongargarh, Dec 16: In an interesting case of self appraisal, a daily wage worker cum In charge named Gaurav Tembhukar, took to make ‘Rain Basera’ or night home shelter in the region as his personal property and continued to stay along with his family in the shelter much to the discomfort of homeless people coming here to take rest.
In actuality the night shelter home was built one year ago at the cost of 50 lakhs by the government for poor families living in the open, but due to technical reasons, the shelter site could not be operated properly as per the guidelines of the government. After reports of homeless people being shooed away by the said worker, action was taken against him by CMO Yaman Dewangan.
According to reports, CMO Yeman Devangan, Mission in-charge Moris George, Municipal Vice President and Ward Councilor Uma Mahesh Verma took cognizance of the matter after being aware of the situation after many poor families complained to the CMO.
The CMO giving shelter to the poor families, directed the in-charge to come out of the shelter with immediate effect, making another competent employee was made in-charge of the shelter.Meawhile there are reports that with the aim of providing food at concessional rate along with shelter to the homeless poor families and providing every comfort, all facilities have been constructed at a cost of 50 lakhs in the shelter home.
But the tender taken out twice for the operation of the shelter site was not considered by the Municipal Council till today. Due to which the proper operation of the shelter site is not being done. In the absence of operation, poor families are not getting the benefit of the government’s scheme.

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