Chinese Spy ships

China regularly sending its navy ships to the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Sea in order to capitalise on these seas and oceans in the future. A Chinese “spy ship,” Hai Yang Shi You, was spotted close to the Indian coast – nearly 150 nautical miles off the coast of Paradip in Orissa last week which is clearly appears to be highly suspicious one.The ship was found roughly northeast of the port of Paradip and is now in the Bay of Bengal. Even though the “research vessel” was tasked with gathering surface-level information such as depth and salinity in parts of the Bay of Bengal, one can easily say that it is closely monitoring Indian navy’s and other activities.Therefore Indian defence and regime has to swiftly take necessary actions to regulate these miscreants activities carried out by Chinese in the name of research in seas and oceans.
Vijaykumar H K, Raichur, Karnataka

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