Chamber now needs strong leadership: Rajendra Jaggi

Raipur, Feb 09: In the context of the upcoming election of the Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, on Tuesday the President of Raipur Machinery Merchant Association has taken a commendable step in the business interest. Association President Rajendra Jaggi has expressed his support for the upcoming election to the Jai Vyapar Panel, considering business interests as paramount. Mr. Jaggi said that the Chamber now needs strong leadership so all traders should give priority for trade and business by moving forward with the Jai Vyapar Panel. The Chief Election Officer of the panel, Narendra Duggad, said that in the context of election 2021, there was a positive discussion between Mr. Jaggi and Mr. Parwani, President of Jai Vyapar Panel, and the two agreed to give strong leadership to the Chamber and to fight together in the Chamber elections. It was decided to resolve the problems between trade and industry vigorously. Former Vice President of Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce Rajendra Jaggi has been working in business interests for almost 30 years and had appealed to his colleagues, to support Jai Vyapar Panel in this election and make them victorious. On the occasion Srichand Chabada from Bhatapara, Brij Kishore Agrawal, Iqbal Ahmed, Chabalani, Sonraj Golchha, Ajay Burad, Harshuk Patel, Piyush Jethwa, Manoj Jain and others were

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