Bike-Ambulance scam likely in medical deptt

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Kawardha, Mar 19: Health department in Kawardha district has sort of become synonymous to massive corruption and scams galore and it is not coming to an end. In the irregularity in Measles-Rubela CD makingi, neither any accountability has been fixed nor the report has been made public till date. Now there is another scam in the name of e-tender scam for bike ambulance.
The dominant DPM posted in the district alleged involvement and irregularity in Measles- Rubela scam is now visible in Bike-Ambulance.
Many a CHMO came to district and went away, but they could not put a check on rampant corruption in the medical department of the district. CHMO Mr. Mandal who is now working for almost six months has also not being able to put a check of corruption and employees posted in NRHM branch of the department are showing lot of highhandedness in the department and getting information under RTI is something like big task and they put the order from officer into dust-bin.
It is notable here that in the Measles -Rubela scam, the officer of the Medical Department in order to pass on benefits to near & dear ones have sidelined all rules and regulations and putting Collector in the dark carried out this irregularity Inquiry into this scam also took its time and so far no accountability has been fixed.
In line with CD scam, the officers and employees in order to pass on the benefit of Bike-Ambulance working in the department are once again trying to pass on benefit to near & dear ones and put a big blow to government funds.

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