Best Cocktail Party Outfits to Sparkle The Room

A cocktail party, no matter where it is, requires you to be well dressed and have that edge in your appearance. It’s basically a smart blend of casual and business wear, with some basic ground rules for parties organized aboard a yacht. A smart men’s cocktail party outfit will be a smart suit as they tend to be on the formal side. In case if there is a dress code you will have to stick to that, but most of these events are black tie events. Thus, the business-casual dress code applies to the cocktail party. Men can combine a smart coat or a jacket with slacks. Printed shirts or solid shirts with a tie would not be out of place either. A combination of Khakis and blazer works very well aboard a yacht cocktail party.
You can get something tailored or stitched, BUT SAY NO TO A TUXEDO, a suit and trouser combo works pretty well. Say a big NO to bow ties and a ‘hell yes’ to Pocket squares.
Make sure you don’t upstage the guest of honour. Always ask what the proper attire constitutes to the person hosting it.
Finally, finish the look off with calf-length socks (long enough so if you’re seated your leg skin doesn’t show). Stick to socks that complement your trousers or another colour in your outfit such as tie, shirt or blazer. For shoes, choose dress shoes (especially oxfords) Black and dark brown are superior colour options for the streamline shoe. Invest in a new pair if it’s a special event or give tired old leather a fresh polish. And be on your way.

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