Dr Madhavi Lata Agrawal

Life is beautiful only if you want to live it so. In life we face a lot of do’s and don’ts, creating a misunderstood life. Silence and understanding are not easy to be followed or gathered. Words can be understood and remembered only if the meaning retold in your mind is rich, so why not keep a list of stunning things to do, an attractive life to be followed, for only if you are gorgeous will the world be gorgeous. Think of all the best things life has to offer just within reach but only if you think in the superlative.

The air you breathe – the purest form of life which no man made machine can propagate, think of the richness and the sustenance the pure air gives is entirely and authentically pure. Once you do wrong the air too becomes heavy and impure for you live with impurity and everything in life is looked at depressingly. A pure soul finds the best in all – and it is up to us to find the merits within us with the advantages /disadvantages that life has to offer. A negative motion or thought in life will only create negativity and fill your mind with dust.
The dash of colours, intermingled in life will bring out numerous parts of yourself – and the best for each will tell a different story as per your inner thoughts. Your life is yours to lead as you wish and the colours you shall dispense – for in sharing can we find life growing.
Let the world get the best from you for aren’t you the best? – and the best is what you give or return to this world. You are not going to be the lone survivor but you can be the beacon that shall show a path only if your thought is optimistic and if you pave the way with happiness many shall pass the same pathway and be filled with delight.It is all within us to give or not to give, to get or not to get, take or not to take, so put yourself forward and take the best for you are the best.
All were born same it is only your brain that tells you that you are poor, disabled or rich. So ignore this and just go ahead with what your mind tells you to do, do not think about the drawbacks that life can give just move on- move forward for no one is going to push you to the top, you yourself have to strive to move forward and rise to the top. Gird up your lions, fight for what you deserve and no one can push you down.
You have it all in you to move forwards – there might be a set down or two but still aim to move forward. You shall learn from your mistakes for no one would be what he is today if he would not have fallen and learnt to pick himself to walk. A few steps at a time but you will surely learn to take the world in your stride and understand the story of this life.
A child when he puts forth his leg for the first is sure to trip and fall but still he stands up again to reach out to take the world in his stride. If a small child can do it why can’t you?

(Writer is a Professor from Korba: Email: [email protected])

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