ATM dries up due to bank strike in Chhattisgarh

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Mar 16: The Bank officials and employees staged stiff protest against privatisation of the bank under the banner of United Forum of Bank Unions on Tuesday also. Banks remained closed on March 16 in Chhattisgarh due to two-day nationwide bank strike. The general public faced lot of difficulties due to the strike by the bank workers. Due to the bank strike, all banking related work came to a standstill. No transaction was done. Around 2 thousand bank branches kept their shutters down due to strike in Chhattisgarh. Due to which the transaction worth crores has been affected. People somehow managed to get cash and other financial matters with the help of ATMs and mobile apps. But due to the strike of bank personnel, ATMs of many banks including State Bank, Central Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank also dried up on Tuesday. In many areas, consumers had to visit many ATMs for withdrawal of cash. Some of private banks continue to operate like normal days. Speaking on the occasion, bank employees and officials said that the public sector bank should not be privatized. There is money of common man in government banks. We have conveyed the benefits of all the schemes of the government to the public.
Therefore, there should be no privatization. Bank Employees Union members said that loans have also been given to the poor through nationalized banks. Private bankers never open accounts on zero balance. Government banks follow the instructions of the government. With the privatization of banks, the money of the poor will also go into the hands of industrialists. A nationwide bank strike was announced on March 15 and 16 against the privatization of state-run banks by the United Forums of Bank Union, a group of 9 bank unions. Due to this, work like depositing, withdrawing and cheque clearance was severely effected in various branches of public sector banks.

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