Anganwadi centers reopened in the state from today

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Raipur, Jul 27: Anganwadi centers have been reopened in the state from today as per the instructions of the Women and Child Development Department of the state government. Earlier, due to Covid-19, keeping the operation of Anganwadi centers closed from March 22, dry ration was being given to the beneficiaries by taking them home. After cleaning and sanitizing the Anganwadis, hot meals were provided to children in the age group of 3 to 6 years, pregnant women and beneficiaries of the nutrition campaign. In some places, arrangements have been made to provide hot cooked food through home delivery service to pregnant mothers and severely malnourished children of distressed category. Ready to eat food will be delivered at home for the children. According to the instructions of the government, Anganwadis were not started in the areas which have been decided to be closed by the Containment Zone or the district administration. Keeping in mind the corona infection, the beneficiaries are being called in different groups in the centers at different times. It is noteworthy that international organisations such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF believe that due to Covid-19, malnutrition can increase, so there is a need to take effective steps to prevent malnutrition. Keeping this in mind, now Anganwadi centers have been opened for providing health and nutrition day and hot cooked lunch to the beneficiaries. During this, detailed instructions have been given to follow the protocol of Covid-19. The consent of the parents has also been asked to send the children to the centre.

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