Agitated BJP workers protest against Dharshiwa candidate

 BJP candidates Munat and Mishra seek blessings before poll campaign

Central Chronicle News

Raipur, Oct 10:

Mixed reactions were seen in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday after the saffron brigade had declared tickets for the November Legislative Assembly polls here.

While the leaders who won the confidence of the party high command and got the tickets, were seen meeting with the senior leaders of the party before launching the campaign, few others have raised voice over selection of candidates in few seats. According to the information received, the agitated BJP workers from Dharshiwa on Tuesday registered protest against the candidate Anuj Sharma on grounds of outsider and have demanded change in the candidates as well as have threatened to resign from the party.

Similar sentiments have echoed in several other constituencies. Meanwhile Raipur West candidate Rajesh Munat started his campaign by visiting religious places like Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple on Mahadev Ghat and Dangania Temple to seek blessings after formally given party ticket once again. Raipur North candidate Purander Mishra joined the Women’s convention held at party office situated at Ekatma Parishar to highlight the achievements of Modi government at Centre.

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