‘About 49 pc population 60 years & above vaccinated with first dose of Covid vaccine’

New Delhi, Jun 29 (PTI): About 49 per cent of the population aged 60 years and above has been vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, government said on Tuesday.
Out of estimated 59.7 crore people in the age group of 18-44 years, about 15 per cent have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine, it said.
Cumulative vaccine doses administered in the country has crossed 33.1 crore so far, the government said.
From June 21-28, 57.68 lakh average daily doses have been delivered. From May 1 to June 24, 56 per cent doses have been given in rural areas, while 44 per cent administered in urban areas, it said.
As many as 20.9 crore people are there aged between 45-59 years out of which 42 per cent, have been vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid vaccine, it added.
There has been a decline of more than 85 per cent in the active COVID-19 caseload since the peak reported on May 10.
A sharp decline of over 85 per cent in the weekly positivity has been noted since the highest reported weekly positivity of 21.3 per cent reported between May 4 to May 10.


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