AAP extends support to demands of Asst. Teachers

Central Chronicle News
Jagdalpur, Dec 24: District President Aam Adami Party (AAP) Taruna Sabe Bedarkar reached demonstration veue in Tokapal block headquarters to extend support to ongoing strike and protest by Asst. Teachers for solving wage discrepancies. He informed that the Bhupesh Baghel government has made promise in the election manifesto that on formation of government they would solve the wage discrepancies of Assistant Teachers within 10 days. But even after three years, the demand of Asst. Teachers remains unfulfilled and due to which teachers from all over the state are forced to enter indefinite strike in al the blocks of the state.
As such there is already shortage of teachers in the state and the government is unable to fulfill the shortage of teachers in the School. All the more not paying attention towards the demands of Asst. Teachers shows insensitiveness and non-fulfillment of demand by the state government. Set aside this it also reflects dual character of Bhupesh Baghel’s government, AAP leader alleged.
District President AAP warned that if the state government does not fulfilled the demands of Asst. Teachers at the earlier then they all will be forced to intensify their strike and movement at block, district and state-level against the government. The way the AAP extended support to demands of 14580 teachers till final demand, in the same way they would continue to extend support to demands of Asst. Teacher and their family members, he added.

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