8 armed dacoits arrested for abortive attempt

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Raipur, Jul 22: Exemplary courage of a housewife in a flat in Khamardih locality on Wednesday afternoon not only thwarted an armed dacoity attempt but also helped in arresting two of them from the spot and the remaining six were arrested soon.
According to police, complainant Anjali is a housewife residing in flat no. 605 situated in Khamardih’s Kashi Apartment. On Wednesday afternoon she was screening through her cell phone sitting in the flat’s hall and the main door left open. At around noon time, two unidentified youths suddenly entered into the flat and one of them was holding a knife. With the complainant shouting them to move out of her house, they rushed towards her with the knife. However, the complainant showed exemplary courage and in a flash very hard the youth holding the knife. Not anticipating such a retaliatory move, the knife out of the youth’s hand this gave more courage to the complainant who shouted loudly for help.
To her favour, some renovation work was underway in the next door and the person working there rushed towards her flat and they both started chasing both the fleeing robbers. Simultaneously, the complainant shouted the flat’s security guard to shut the gate and come upstairs to catch hold of the robbers. She also alerted her driver, who had been downstairs to bring her laptop computer, to catch the fleeing robbers.
All this alertness of the complainant in resulted in nabbing one of the robbers by the security guard and the renovation worker and the other one was nabbed by her driver. Immediately Khamardih police station was informed about the incident after which a patrolling party dashed to the spot and both the robbers were taken into custody who were then identified as Dinesh Kumar Verma of Bhilai and Vishal Verma of Bhanupratapur.
Further interrogation of the two revealed that there were six more accomplices of them and were also present outside the flat at that time. Police then immediately set into tracking them and all six were arrested within hours. They were identified as Holika Chelak, Amit Kumar, Vishal Swamy, Amit Yadav, Siddharth Som Kunwar and Anil Kumar Karoche.
It was further revealed that Amit Kumar and his close relative Holika Chelak were masterminds of the abortive attempt and that Amit Kumar was a former colleague of the complainant’s husband in a private firm having office in Amanaka locality. Complainant’s husband Vikas Kumar is Sales Manager of this firm and Amit worked as an accountant here till a year ago. Amit also confessed that he was aware of the place in Vikas Kumar’s flat where he used to keep company’s cash.
Police, meanwhile, have registered an offence under Section 399, 455, 402 IPC and Section 25, 27 of Arms and is now investigating the matter further.

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