What are we living in this rush of life?

In today’s turbulent times, peace is essential. Yesterday’s noise of factories, noise of means of transport, and emergency of life are giving rise to external and internal disturbance today. Due to this stress, depression is born. People have started feeling the lack of greenery and serene natural scenes of nature. People away from the cities have started preferring to live in rural quiet environments. This state of mind shows the usefulness of peace. The times we live in today are unique in many ways. If seen, every time is unique. But today’s era is especially full of depression, life struggle, bitterness, ideological narrowness, despair, and frustration. In today’s fast-paced life, surviving and standing your ground has become more challenging than ever. Our expectations and aspirations and needs keep on troubling us day and night, increasing with time. Whatever is beautiful, when did we think this? The concepts of simplicity have now gone somewhere in the dustbin. We have as much as we need, yet we are not able to live a life of satisfaction and this dissatisfaction only compels us to run continuously. We do not tolerate it at all that someone goes ahead of us and in this race, we forget to live the happiness that God has given us. This is the reason why our stress increases and our blood pressure goes to higher levels. In the rush of life, we did not get time to sit somewhere and think about what is right and what is wrong. When we start our young life, our mind is eager to have everything. Along with money, we also want to earn a name. This desire is also true to a large extent. But, it is wrong not to give importance to the family and your happiness in its affair. Compromising your responsibilities and your happiness cannot be right under any circumstances. As much as it is important to earn money and fame in life or to become a successful person, it is equally important to feel small happiness.

If you forget these moments and are just busy moving forward, then one day you will feel sad that what have you lost in the process of getting a little? Situations that generate tension lead to unrest. It is known from modern research that stress is the cause of almost seventy-five percent of diseases. Today we are just running, running without stopping. And this is the reason why there comes a time in our life when we fall for people who are disappointed and sad. We feel that no one is satisfied with their present situation. What we have got today is insufficient. Will we ever be able to inspect our life running at another angle from the first angle? Now think… Will this phase of gloom and depression continue in our lives like this? Will there never be positivity in our lives? Being positive here does not mean that we needlessly accept what is wrong by wrapping it in the envelope of positivity. Wrong should be called wrong and it should also be opposed. But we should avoid unnecessary negativity. I see in today’s society and especially in this era of social media, that we do not hesitate to criticize, condemn and use bad words without knowing things, without reaching the bottom of the matter. Is it correct from your point of view?

Will the world be ruined if we don’t answer something immediately?

Can’t we think for a while, understand the whole incident, and answer anything decently in a good and civilized way? Why such a hurry? Social media must have started to compensate for our declining sociality. Because today we are not able to see chaupal under banyan and peepal in the village. The reason is that today’s world has changed a lot. People’s arrangements and engagements have increased. It is becoming difficult to meet. In such a situation, if we do not meet face to face, then social media should step into this era thinking that we can meet virtually, but gradually this social media destroyed our social fabric. Our expectations started increasing day by day and it started getting misused. The result was that instead of relief, social media became a cause of stress for us. Today we are sad when people remove us from our friendship list or block us. We get angry when people disturb us by sending good morning, good evening messages. We feel sad when people don’t like our posts according to us or our stress increases when we get friend requests from a locked profile. Today we are getting entangled with political and religious views on social media itself.

Sometimes we get so angry with someone’s post that we forget the decency of the language. If we try to stop or explain to someone during this time, then the person in front of us starts saying good or bad things to us. As a result, we are removed from the friend list or asked to leave the group because of our behavior.

The state of lack of peace is known by stress. Many such things have become the cause of stress for us today. In the changing times, we cannot even ignore these things. Think how big the world considers you so much and if you are not ready to think like this from your point of view, then you quietly close your doors for those who tag you. After all, what is the reason for stress? If someone is sending you good morning in the morning, good evening in the evening, pictures of God and flowers, etc., then observe how much the person in front loves you and remembers you every morning. You are in his prayers and if you still don’t want to understand this, ignore his message. It is in your hands that you can block it at your level. Instead of engaging in a bitter and raucous argument with them, you can quietly remove them from your friend list. By doing this, you will be able to avoid your stress in today’s stressful times. In the changing era, today the world is becoming a victim of polarization. Far from accepting the other side, we are not even ready to listen and tolerate it. Our language quickly crosses the line due to which our relationships get spoiled. We can avoid such unpleasant situations when we do not expect that the other person will change his side after listening to us. Neither you will change the side nor the person in front will change, then why even try it? We should be at peace with our thoughts and the person in front with his thoughts, this is happiness.

Why do you go to the wall of someone with a different opinion and curse him?

If someone comes to your wall and does this, then consider whether it is in your interest to fight with him or ignore him. You must understand one thing if there is so much delay regarding your thoughts and your thinking that even a slight change in it, its possibilities are completely over, then why argue? It is in the interest of all of us that we live in peace and allow others to live in peace. In the emergency of life, we should know that any moment of ours can be the last, so live every moment with a true heart without any ego, with the feeling of ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin:’.

(Writer is a Research Scholar in Political Science, Poetess, Independent journalist and columnist. Views are personal).


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