Water from Air

Water from Air
For centuries, populations have settled near river basins, with around 1.7 billion people currently residing in these regions. Unfortunately, overexploitation of river water has led to a bleak future: by 2025, over a quarter of the global population might inhabit water-scarce areas. Yet, India offers a remedy: a pioneering technology by Uravu Labs in Bangalore aims to extract potable water from atmospheric moisture, potentially mitigating water scarcity. This innovation taps into the vast resource of approximately 38 million billion gallons of water present in our atmosphere, capable of sustaining our 8 billion-plus population. Unlike the slow recharge rate of groundwater spanning millennia, atmospheric water replenishes within 7-8 days. This gamechanging solution not only promises substantial economic benefits to India but also holds the potential to satiate the world’s thirst.
Noopur Baruah, Tezpur

Wrestlers in Limbo
In a regrettable turn of events, the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) faces suspension by the United World Wrestling (UWW) due to a failure in holding crucial elections. This decision leaves Indian grapplers relegated to the status of ‘neutral athletes’ in all UWW tournaments. Even if they secure victory, the poignant strains of the national anthem will remain unsung during medal ceremonies. While this punitive step might seem harsh, the UWW possibly overlooked that the WFI had indeed issued two notifications to conduct the elections, both of which were impeded – first by the Gauhati High Court and later by the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The triumphant spectacle of athletes representing the nation on the global stage is undeniably a source of collective pride and honor.
MK Nair, Raipur

A Victim of Politics
The playing of a national anthem resonates as an embodiment of identity, unity, and pride during sports events. This profound gesture has the power to ignite patriotism and nurture a shared sense of belonging among citizens. However, the regrettable politicization of sports in our nation has cast a shadow over this revered tradition. The impending World Championships will witness a disheartening absence of the national anthem, even if an Indian wrestler strikes gold. This ordeal paints a demoralizing picture for the athlete, highlighting the tragic interplay of politics and sports. This stain on our sporting ethos could have been averted if the custodians of our nation’s games had risen above party lines. Swift action against the former WFI chief, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, would have safeguarded our athletes from this humiliation. A clarion call emerges: the time is ripe to emancipate sports bodies from the clutches of politicians and bureaucrats. Only then can the spirit of sports, unsullied by political undertones, truly thrive.
Shiv Kumar Mishra, Raipur


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