Violence spreads like an epidemic


The wise win before the fight, while the ignorant fight to win. The intelligent approach to conflict involves planning and strategizing before engaging in fighting or violence, while the ignorant approach is simply fighting or committing violence without considering the consequences or possible consequences. That is the intellectual idea that by carefully assessing a situation and making informed decisions, one can achieve victory without resorting to physical combat or violence.

This quote advises that it is wise to anticipate a situation that could turn into violence and then use one’s resources to avoid it. What happens when violence cannot be avoided? Even when attempts at diplomacy fail, violence can be avoided by assessing the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses to quickly overpower the other side.

Deception and lies are also used to confuse the enemy or adversary and waste their resources. Instead of treating violence as a law and order issue, it should be treated as a public health challenge. Violent behavior is an epidemic, which spreads from one person to another like the disease of an epidemic. People who are victims of violence are more likely to commit violence. “Violence is preventable in the same way as pregnancy challenges, work-related injuries or infectious diseases are preventable.” The problem is that violence is dominated by a hard-line approach around the world.

That’s why as soon as there is an uproar over violent incidents, be it the leaders or the public, they start demanding strict laws. Human beings often behave risky, and play with danger. Like smoking despite knowing the harm or eating more despite being full. Having sex without precautions Doctors always say that prevention is better than cure.

That is, the disease should be prevented from happening. But, when it comes to violent behavior, people say there is only one way to deal with it, make the law stricter. Like the recent provision of the death penalty for raping a girl below 12 years of age. Or the idea is going on in our country to enact a strict law to deal with mob violence. Violence has been accepted as an innate behavior of human beings, which cannot be changed. The thinking is that those who commit violence cannot be brought to the right path. That’s why there is talk of strict laws.

But, if it could have been done with strict laws, then it would have been done a long time ago. Many crimes are punishable by death in Saudi Arabia and Iran. But the crimes do not stop even then. In India also death penalty is given for many crimes. But those crimes still happen. How can violence be avoided? In the context of the country’s caste riots today, this quote highlights the importance of diplomacy and dialogue in resolving conflicts between two communities.

Instead of resorting to violence, which can have disastrous consequences for all concerned, the wise leader strives to find a peaceful solution through negotiation and agreement. Conflicts are often frequent between neighboring states or religious communities, so regional integration is an important step toward reducing the incidence of violence.

Riots or violence often result from the ignorance of decision-makers about the possibility of settling disputes peacefully for the mutual benefit of both parties. Thus communities may contribute to the prevention of riots by developing and institutionalizing alternative, peaceful techniques for settling disputes and persuading states to use them.

It can be understood as a political, regional, or national security arrangement, in which each entity recognizes that the security of one is also the collective concern of all. They are, therefore, committed to a collective response to threats and breaches of the peace. Thus, this quote is relevant to contemporary times given the caste conflict going on in the country.

It reminds us that true victory is achieved by dealing with conflicts with wisdom and foresight and finding peaceful solutions that avoid violence. Furthermore, it can be applied not only to violence but also to everyday conflicts and challenges. At the same time, this quote also emphasizes the importance of preparation, knowledge, and foresight in achieving success. It is necessary to explain to the victims of violence. The mindset of revenge causes harm so that they don’t get trapped in the same violent vicious cycle again.

If someone is an alcoholic or a drug addict, he is helped to get treated. Then there is an attempt to get him employment. Only then any person can appear completely changed. By changing the behavior of people, we can root out many challenges. For example, a disease like diarrhea can be prevented by the habit of cleanliness. These steps become more effective when one victim helps another. They can win people’s trust by sharing their own experiences. For example, people who have been TBcholera patients should work among their victims.


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