Vaxi Taxi targets vaccine anxiety as UK minority uptake lags

London, Mar 06 (AP):
The Vaxi Taxi was a godsend for Leslie Reid. The 48-year-old stagehand wanted to get a COVID-19 shot, but he was worried about riding public transport to the vaccination center because his immune system had been weakened by a bout with flesh-eating bacteria that almost cost him his arm.
So Reid jumped at the opportunity when his doctor called and offered him the shot, together with door-to-door transportation. I was one of the fortunate ones,” he said after being inoculated inside a black van cab at a community vaccination event in north London. I’m sure there are plenty more vulnerable people than me that should have gotten this. What can I say? I’m very glad.” The Vaxi Taxi that ferried Reid to his appointment and whisked him home again is just one initiative doctors and community organisers are promoting as they try to make sure everyone gets inoculated.

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