Universal Harmony

Universal Harmony
Amidst the prevailing narratives of division and discord, it’s imperative to recognize our inherent unity as human beings. The essence of truth lies in this universal connection, a fact undeniable for all of humanity. The discordant force of majoritarianism contradicts this truth, appearing ugly in comparison. My late friend, Thecla Pereira from Goa, used to emphasize that genuine religion should foster inner peace and mutual concord. It should bind us, not sever our ties. As Goan Christian and Bengali Hindu friends, we never felt divided by religion. The air we breathe and the sun that sustains us remain the same for all. Harmony is the bedrock of existence – in societies, bodies, and machines alike. Let’s not shutter our minds, but embrace the unifying light of togetherness. Sujit De, Kolkata

Perilous Progress
Is the ambitious Char Dham allweather highway construction in Uttarakhand triggering hazardous repercussions? The recent collapse of a 100m section of the Rishikesh- Badrinath highway, linked to the contentious 12,000 crore project, raises concerns. This development, within an ecologically sensitive region, sparks debates about the project’s impact on landslides and ecological balance. While touted for strategic, connectivity, and developmental benefits, the government must carefully navigate these aspirations alongside the fragility of the ecosystem. Transparency and carrying capacity assessments are essential to ensure sustainable progress.
Tauqueer Rahmani, Mumbai

Accessible Medicines
The government’s push for generic medicines stems from their cost-effectiveness compared to branded counterparts. While generic drugs are mandated to match brand-name versions in form, safety, and quality, slight variations persist. Such deviations can impact their efficacy. The government’s pivotal role is to furnish top-tier healthcare that’s both accessible and affordable. This endeavor demands an ecosystem where quality medical services are within reach without imposing financial strain. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation’s responsibility lies in ensuring the optimal functioning of Jan Aushadhi Kendras. These centers strive to deliver cost-effective medications to the economically vulnerable, underscoring the importance of accessible healthcare without compromise on quality.
Rakesh Gupta, Korba

Combatting Campus Ragging
The distressing occurrence of ragging within educational institutions, particularly in engineering and medical fields, is wholly unacceptable. Students who tirelessly prepare for competitive exams like JEE-Main and NEET should not endure such maltreatment from their seniors. University and college administrations must be resolute in tackling this issue head-on. The imperative here is to mete out exemplary punishments to those responsible. Beyond this, fostering a cultural transformation that champions respect, empathy, and inclusivity among students is crucial for eradicating the scourge of ragging from our campuses.
Krishna Kumar, Kollam, Kerala


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