The Shades Of Spring

I t is officially spring time in India and we love how the weather brings both a slight chill and warmth to us whether indoors or outdoors. The flowers are once again budding getting ready for summer but not just yet. We would like to stop and smell the roses during this season and truly cherish the atmosphere and feelings of nostalgia that come with it. In case you haven’t noticed, even celebrity makeup artists and their elite clientele are rocking fresher makeup looks now with vibrant colours instead of warm toned makeup looks which are a staple for the winter season. Spring is in bloom and it is only right to do justice to it by sporting fresh floral and fruity hues of makeup. The best way to rock such vibrant alluring colours is through lipsticks. We give you the report on the best lipstick shades to rock in Spring 2021.
This siren hue is a great choice to make a statement in Spring. Unike red lipstick’s festive allure in the winter season, spring red lips should be more softer and vibrant. We are talking softly blurred lip lines and vibrant colour punch. Opt for tangerine reds, and blue toned reds. Avoid darker shades of red and stick to soft matter formulas.
This is a sensational shade that can work well in an au naturel makeup look and even in an edgy mod beauty look or a quirky look that packs a punch. There is also a coral shade for every skin tone making it a truly versatile lip hue to sport. Take your pick from coral pinks, oranges, reds and nudes.
Berry Pinks
Berries actually stain your lips in alluring hues of pink. A berry lipstick with vivid or muted pink undertones works well for all skin types. For a fresh spring makeup look that is bubbly and youthful, opt for berry pink hues in creamy hydrating formulas. Even berry lip gloss or a lip stain is perfect for this season.

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