The Official Nehru Jacket Guide

Now you may have thought that traditional wear includes only Kurta and pyjamas, leaving fewer choices to pick from the wardrobe. You may have been bored by wearing formal shirts and pants and may think that there are no more options for you.

Let me tell you that you are completely wrong!! Why should only women have plenty options and choices to wear when it comes to traditional? Even men should have various different styles to try to ramp up their look. And believe me, you have! NEHRU JACKETS! Yes my friends, Nehru jackets compliments each and every look flawlessly and elevates your traditional style making you look even more dashing than you are. Nehru Jackets can intensify your outfit instantly and making you look fashionable for the day. Whether it is traditional wear or western formals, if you want to add a dash of style to your outfit, then this jacket is your saviour.

1. Origin Of Nehru Jackets
You ought to know h the origin of Nehru jackets and when they were worn. Nehru Jacket was created in the 10th century and has gained immense popularity ever since. On a worldwide basis, many people wore the Nehru Jacket as their daily wear. Britishers claim that the original design of the jacket was conceptualized in Europe while Indians claim it was made by us. Whatever it maybe, all we know is that our very own first prime minister of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru wore it and hence it got the name Nehru Jacket.

2. What is Nehru Jacket Made Of
Initially made of Khadi, Nehru Jackets are now also made out of fabrics like linen, cotton, tussar and silk. Nowadays they are also made of velvet. They mainly depend on the occasion and season it is made for. Nehru jacket mostly is made up of cotton or cotton blended with other textiles to make it more light and comfortable. This makes it easier to be worn in hot conditions as well as cold.

3. Types of Nehru Jackets
These are mostly made of the size of a shirt and are sleeveless. Some are colorful while some are extremely formal and stick to one basic color. Some jackets are made of heavy materials while others are light and can be worn on a regular basis. Nehru-style jackets are designed in various ways modern Indian men keep experimenting with their wardrobe every day.

4. Nehru Jacket Designs and Patterns
Now, if you are much of a creative person and are eager to try new stuff, this point will make your hearts pump! DESIGNS! Nehru style jackets comprises of vivid designs and patterns. Many designers these days try lot of different varieties and patterns on these jackets to change the fashion game of men in in the coming times. And when we talk about designs, embroidery should obviously be spoken of. Embroidery has changed the boring approach towards this jacket. Beautiful designs are made on them and one type of embroidered jacket is called as the Achkan type Nehru jackets which are decorated with golden, silver or copper threads. They are the most famous type of wedding clothes.

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