Yukti Sodha

Imagine damp umber fall leaves, the fragrant browns of the mud after the first rain, olives of the late summer leaves, dusky marigold and misty folklore kinds of woods — there you have the most timeless colour scheme. And though, often associated with the fall season, earthy tones go beyond trends or seasons. In the year gone by when everything was uncertain, some people found solace in bonding with nature in more ways than one. And since earth shades are drawn from nature, they are an extension of the grounding we so desperately seek.

The earth tone colour palette is vast, so there is plenty of opportunity for mixing and experimenting. Fundamentally, earth tones are browns, tans, umber, burgundy, brick red, yellow ochre, terracotta, cinnabar, warm grays, shades of green such as moss and trees, brown oranges, burnt sienna, whites, some red browns and some gray blues.


Handbag – a revered staple that could be used time and again. Start taking style notes ASAP!

Leather Crop Top Want to break the monotony of an all-black ensemble, but subtly? HERE’S THE ANSWER

Knee-High Boots Knee high boots are a fall essential. These heeled boots are perfect to complete your earthy tone wardrobe curation.

Satin Skirt – The satin skirt in its full swing is taken up a notch by the addition of a blazer.
Leather Jacket – A camel colored co-ord and structured leather jacket is what every wardrobe needs.
Blazer – An elegantly draped sari paired with a blazer and cinched at the waist with a belt is sight. Accessorise the look with some statement jewellery.

Pant Suit – This muted beige is the epitome of tranquil colours. Add to a structured silhouette and we’d live in this for eternity.

Outerwear – The checkered ensemble, the oversized sand coloured jacket with a geometric scarf and the monochrome shoes – there’s nothing here we are not swooning over right this moment.



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