Strengthening National Security

Pakistan’s advisor’s oncamera admission of using drones for drug smuggling into India has exposed their deceptive practices. This is not the first instance where India has presented concrete evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorist activities. Despite raising concerns on international platforms, the global community has not adequately addressed India’s apprehensions about Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. To ensure national security, India must enhance its defense capabilities and technology to effectively detect and neutralize Pakistani drones. Safeguarding the country from such threats is crucial to protecting the nation’s interests and citizens.
Kavitha, Krishamurty, Thiruvananthapuram

Tiger Triumph

The resurgence of wild tigers owes credit to Project Tiger, focused on biodiversity preservation. The State of Forest Report, 2021, highlights the significance of undisturbed landscapes for tiger survival. When discussing Forest Conservation Act amendments in the Rajya Sabha, factors supporting tigers and wildlife must be carefully considered. As apex predators, tigers maintain ecological balance in forest ecosystems. Safeguarding their habitats is essential for the continued thriving of these majestic creatures and the overall health of the environment.
Rakesh Gupta, Korba

Who is responsible?

The responsibility for the violence in Nuh Mewat remains unclear until the investigation reveals the contributing factors. This incident has raised concerns about potential mistrust between communities and is affecting other districts in Haryana. Prompt action is essential to identify the root causes and hold the culprits accountable to prevent future occurrences. Strengthening the police administration and intelligence system in the state is crucial to maintain peace and prevent such incidents from happening again. Ashraf Nawaz from Hyderabad emphasizes the urgency to address this issue and ensure communal harmony and safety.
Ashraf Nawaz, Hyderabad


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