Solar and wind set to power two-thirds of India’s growth by 2032, Says Ember analysis

New Delhi, Oct 3 (PTI) Solar and wind energy are poised to drive two-thirds of India’s power generation growth by 2032 if the nation successfully attains its renewable energy targets, according to a new analysis conducted by the global energy think tank Ember.

Solar power in India has evolved significantly since 2017 when it accounted for only 1 per cent of the country’s power mix. Should India meet its solar targets outlined in the 14th National Electricity Plan (NEP14), its share is expected to surge from 5 per cent to 25 per cent during the financial year 2022-2032, marking a period of rapid expansion.

This suggests that India’s power generation growth, which was predominantly coal-driven over the past decade, could shift toward solar and wind sources in the next ten years, provided that India stays on course to achieve its NEP14 objectives, as per Ember’s analysis.


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