Raveena Tandon: There are better roles written for actors now

Actress Raveena Tandon, who is gearing up for her series ‘Aranyak’ to drop on Netflix, has talked about how the industry has changed over the years and has molded itself into various forms to keep up with the times.
Speaking about how the industry has changed over the years, Raveena said: “A lot has changed but a lot remains the same. Like, in terms of content also the scene has changed, we have more female led stories and there are better roles written for actors.The workload is the same, it’s just as hectic. But there is a lot more organisation.
“Things on sets today go as per schedule. There is definitely a lot more seriousness from actors. No one takes things lightly anymore while shooting. When I started working, I don’t think I was prepared for the cameras, so to speak.”
Raveena reminisced about the days when she went on set with no “training”.
“I would say yes to a movie and the next day I was on set – no training, no preparations, nothing. Nowadays actors are all ready and prepared. So much has changed, we’ve evolved along the way,” the actress added.
Raveena will play the role of Kasturi Dogra, a determined cop who sets out to save the town of Sironha from a notorious killer in ‘Aranyak’.

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