NHRC recommends CBI probe into WB post-poll violence

Kolkata, Jul 15 (PTI): An NHRC committee tasked with the probe of alleged incidents of post-poll violence in the state, in a report placed before the Calcutta High Court, has recommended a CBI investigation into “grievous offences like murder and rape” and suggested that these cases be tried outside the state.
The committee, which was formed by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairman on a direction by a five- judge bench of the high court, also claimed the situation in West Bengal is a “manifestation of law of ruler instead of rule of law”. The report, however, drew the wrath of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who said that the panel was pursuing “political vendetta” of the BJP by leaking its findings to the media.
She also expressed surprise over the conclusion that the NHRC committee arrived at without taking into account views of the state government.
The panel, which submitted its findings before the court on June 13, said in its report, “Spatio-temporal expanse of violent incidents in the state of West Bengal reflects the appalling apathy of the state government towards plight of victims.
“The committee has recommended that grievous offences like murder, rape, etc should be handed over to the CBI for investigation and these cases should be tried outside the state.”
A bunch of PILs filed before the high court alleged that people were subjected to assault, made to flee homes, and property were destroyed as a result of post-poll violence in Bengal.
“This was retributive violence by supporters of the ruling party against supporters of the main opposition party,” the NHRC committee said in its scathing remarks.

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