Naxalites set fire to Poclain machine

Konta, Mar 21: Around 15 to 20 Naxalites came out of the dense forests near Muraliguda village of Konta block around 12 noon and started beating the laborers fiercely there. Later, the armed Naxalites suddenly set fire to the Poclain machines standing in the field near the village. working there.
After that, the Maoists left, warning them labourers not to work there. The injured were brought to Konta Hospital,where they are undergoing treatment. Work was going on for the last one week in a private farm near Muraliguda village, about 6 km from Konta. After the work of leveling the land in the field with the Poclain machine, the workers stopped work and also made the machine was stationed on the field.

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