Napier root planted in 80 pastures in Gauthan

Konta, Sep 22:
Napier root has been planted in 80 pastures to provide fodder for livestock in villages throughout the year in Gauthano, operated under Narva, Garuwa, Ghurwa and Bari schemes being run by the government. A total of 241.50 acres have been planted in 21 pastures of Sukma and 20 pastures in Konta and 39 pastures of Chhindgarh, in which 3 lakh 25 thousand Napier routes have been installed.
Training is being given to the villagers in this regard as per the instructions given by the government so that the villagers can use fodder throughout the year. According to the instructions given by the Honorable Collector, training is being given in all the three development blocks of the district, in which training has been given in Gothan Maraiguda-1, Dhondra of Konta block and training is being given in Sukma block and Chhindgarh block.
In the same vein, a training program was organized in village Gothan Misma. In which training was given regarding the availability of fodder throughout the year and the importance of fodder by taking a self-help group to Gauthan’s pasture and making silage and backyard poultry farming scheme, goat rearing scheme, male goat rearing to the self-help group.
The case was prepared after giving training regarding the scheme. Deputy Director Dr. S. Zahiruddin told that Napier grass is a multi-purpose fodder crop. Its plants grow in length like sugarcane and 40-50 cultivars emerge from the plant.
It is also known as elephant grass. Shankar Napier grass is more nutritious and productive. Therefore, when other green fodder is not available, the importance of Napier increases more.
In the above training program Lingeshwari Self Help Group: Misma, Gulab Self Help Group Misma, Sita Self Help Group Dubbatota, Danteshwari Durga. Self-Help Group Samsetty, Sheetal Maiya Self Help Group and nearby Self Help Groups by the President of Sheetal Maiya Self Help, Mrs. Kartam Rame.
The women were addressed in the local Gondi language. In which women were motivated to take benefit about the scheme of the government and information was given in Gondi language regarding the importance of pasture.

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