‘Keep festivities free from of intoxication and mental stress’

People will keep harmonica instead of cigarette packets/alcohol in their pockets,says International Harmonica Player , multiple world holder , Soham Mukhopadhyay. Besides , mainstream music Soham is offering alternative music/music therapy to the people who are facing breathing problem, mental stress and lot of physical complications for decades.”Breathing is the only Friend of a human being who stands with them from their birth to death.But people are of breathing properly . It has been proved that “Prana Vayu “ or people’s breathing has a strong impact upon people’s physical and mental health. Their are many kind of vayus in human bodies. Continuous smoking, taking junk foods , alcohol and Al the last irregular and improper exercise of Breathing causes many kind of mental and physical problems in our society, says Soham. Soham has the unique ability to play harmonica by nose for hours and he has several world records for it and he acquired this technique by practicing ancient yoga techniques and he devoted himself to help people to cure their physical, mental problems with the help of music and alternative medicine. Apart from being a musician, Soham is also a Reiki and Lama Phra Healer , he offers different level of reiki healing courses to people who is suffering from various types of problems.”it has a miracle power to cure any kind of problem from their root and so many people from worldwide are highly satisfied after receiving reiki healing” says Soham. “ As a healer and musician I combine both by observing/ counseling people’s problems.”
“ I dreamt of seeing harmonica in every people pocket instead of ciggerate packet. If they need to smoke.. I will try to teach them smoking a normal air through harmonica..hope they will enjoy it and also will learn some popular tunes from me .. It will be my achievements if I help them quit smoking.. some achievements are invisible but it really feel me proud “, says Soham.
Soham has been doing several activities like music with autistic children, anti smoking campaign, harmonica breathing during covid time (which helps people to enhance their breathing problem.. ), workshop to get rid of mental stress , reiki workshop for mental and physical stress , lamafera workshop etc.

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