Japan trustworthy friend: Modi

Varanasi, Jul 15 (PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called Japan a trustworthy friend as he inaugurated here a convention centre constructed with the help of that country.
Addressing a gathering after inaugurating the International Cooperation and Convention Centre Rudraksh, Modi said during the COVID-19 crisis when the world came to a standstill, Kashi remained disciplined, and the stream of development and creativity (‘srijan’) continued to flow uninterrupted. The Rudraksh is a result of this creativity (‘rachnaatmaktaa’) and agility (‘gatisheeltaa’),” he said. Modi also praised his Japanese counterpart Yoshihide Suga, saying Kashi got the gift due to his efforts. “I want to congratulate everyone, the people of Kashi for this achievement, especially India’s ‘param mitra’ (close friend) Japan, the people of Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Japanese ambassador to India Suzuki Satoshi, he said.
Modi also recalled former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe for his contribution to the project.
“Today, in this programme, I cannot forget to take the name of one person my friend from Japan Shinzo Abe. I remember that when Shinzo Abe came to Kashi as prime minister, there was a long discussion on the idea of Rudraksh.
He immediately asked his officials to work on this idea. After this, the work started with perfection and planning–the speciality of Japan. And today, this magnificent building is enhancing the beauty of Kashi,” the PM said.
He said the building has the shine of modernity and aura of culture .
It has the connect of India and Japan and there is a scope of immense possibilities in future. During my visit to Japan, we had spoken about the ‘apnapan’ (affinity) in people-to-people relations. We have made a framework for such cultural ties with Japan,” Modi said.
Elaborating more on the India-Japan relationship, the prime minister said, “Be it the strategic or economic area, Japan today is one of the most trustworthy friends of India. Our friendship is considered as one of the most natural partnerships of this region.
He further said, Japan is our partner in some of the important and biggest projects related to modern infrastructure and development. Be it the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail, Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor or the dedicated freight corridor, the projects being built with the help of Japan will become the strength of new India.”
He added that India and Japan believe that development should be linked to happiness. This development should be ‘sarvomukhi’ (all directional). It should be for everyone and should connect all, he said.
Modi said like the Kashi convention centre, some weeks ago, a Zen Garden and Kaizen Academy in Gujarat was inaugurated.
If the Rudraksh is a garland of love given to India by Japan, then Zen Garden is spreading the fragrance of love between the two countries,” he added.

‘Varanasi can become global centre for art, music learning’

Art and music resides in every bit of Varanasi, which has the capacity to become a global centre for their learning, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Thursday. Addressing a gathering after the inaugurating of the International Cooperation and Convention Centre-Rudraksh, Modi said, “Kashi is the oldest living city of the world. From Lord Shiva to Lord Buddha, Kashi has for eons preserved art, culture along with spirituality.
Even today, be it the style of ‘Banarasbaaj’ in tabla’, thumri’, dadra’, khayal’, tappa’ and dhrupad’ or prominent singing styles like dhamaar’, kajri’, chaiti’ or instruments like sarangi’, pakhavaj’ or shehnaai’, art and music springs from every corner of my Banaras, he said.
“A number of art forms developed on the ghats of the Ganga, knowledge reached its peak and serious deliberations over humanity took place on this soil. Hence, Banaras can become a very big global centre for music, religion, spirituality, knowledge and science,” he said.
This is an ideal location for intellectual discussions, big seminars and cultural events, he said, adding that the Rudraksh will become a centre for cultural exchange in coming days.
He also said that the centre has a seating capacity for 1,200 people, an auditorium, parking facility and special arrangements for the “divyaang” (differently abled).

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