India’s economic odyssey: Paving the path to a top-three global economy


A Source of Pride India takes immense pride in its robust economy, which has surpassed the 3.75 trillion-mark, securing a commendable fifth place in the global rankings. Despite facing numerous challenges, India remains a shining beacon in the global economic landscape.

At present prices, India’s GDP surpasses that of economic powerhouses like the UK, France, Canada, Russia, and Australia. The Finance Ministry’s data reveals that in 2014, India’s economy stood at around 2 trillion USD, occupying the 10th position. In just a short span of time, it has surged to become the fifth-largest economy, trailing only the United States, China, Japan, and Germany.

Furthermore, projections by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggest that India’s growth momentum will continue, with expectations of overtaking Japan and Germany to become the world’s third-largest economy by around 2030. Drivers of India’s Rapid Growth India’s rapid economic growth can be attributed to several crucial measures implemented over the past few decades.

The liberalization of India’s economy in 1992 played a pivotal role by dismantling the restrictive License Raj, which had stifled entrepreneurship and innovation. The elimination of such constraints led to a surge in services and consumption, paving the way for sustained economic growth. Since 2014, the government has laid emphasis on investments in infrastructure and undertaken measures to ease doing business, fostering an environment conducive to economic expansion.

Despite concerns about inflation, India has witnessed the lowest inflation rates in the last 26 months, encouraging citizens to save for their future needs. This stable economic climate has facilitated India’s position as the fastest-growing economy globally, demonstrating the country’s potential for further industrial expansion, which, in turn, generates additional employment opportunities and optimizes the workforce.

Such an attractive investment climate has also resulted in increased foreign and domestic investments, with India successfully penetrating markets that were previously monopolized by China. Critical Steps Towards Economic Progress India’s journey towards its current economic prowess has been marked by several significant initiatives and developments.

One such groundbreaking step was the implementation of Aadhaar, a unique 12- digit ID program that provides every Indian with a verifiable identity through fingerprints or iris scans. Today, an astounding 99.9 percent of Indian adults possess a digital ID, revolutionizing the ease of opening bank accounts and receiving government payments. Another transformative aspect has been India’s mobile and internet revolution, propelling the country to the forefront.

India has surpassed both China and the United States in per capita mobile data consumption, bridging the digital divide and bringing millions of Indians into the digital sphere, thereby creating new opportunities for growth and development. Furthermore, India’s infrastructure revolution is palpable, evident in the substantial investments made in roads, airports, train stations, and other projects. Government capital spending has surged since 2014, significantly enhancing the nation’s transportation and connectivity capabilities.

Challenges Ahead While India has achieved remarkable economic progress, significant challenges lie ahead on the path to becoming the world’s third-largest economy. Addressing economic, social, and political disparities for millions of marginalized Indians remains a priority.

Inclusive growth that uplifts the underprivileged and provides equal opportunities is crucial to the country’s sustained development. Conclusion Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of India becoming the world’s third-largest economy is not a mere statement; it is an ambitious and achievable goal. By capitalizing on consistent efforts, strategic planning, and inclusive policies, India has the potential to realize this vision within the next few years.

The country’s robust economic growth, complemented by advancements in technology, infrastructure, and government initiatives, has already secured it a position among the top economies globally. Nevertheless, the journey ahead requires continued dedication to uplift the marginalized and ensure that India’s growth is measured not just by quantity but also by the quality of values it upholds.

If India strikes this balance, it will undoubtedly become an incredible nation, admired not only for its economic prowess but also for its inclusive and compassionate approach towards its citizens.


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