India ready to take its ‘time-tested’ relationship with Mozambique to new level: EAM Jaishankar

Maputo, Apr 14 (PTI):
India is ready to take its “time-tested” relationship with Mozambique to a new level, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said, underscoring that New Delhi’s policies will be guided by the priorities and interests of its partners in their quest for development.
Addressing the Indian community here on Thursday, Jaishanakar, said the bilateral relationship in the past seven years has changed profoundly.
“This is a very time-tested relationship. It is a historic relationship. It is a relationship that goes back to the time when Mozambique was fighting for its freedom. For many decades, our leaders, our people, and our societies have shared a lot, we have bonded very deeply,” the minister, who arrived here on his maiden official visit, said.
And even today as the two nations pursue their developmental paths there is a lot that the two can do for each other, he said.
The strong sense of solidarity between the two nations is the defining characteristic of the bilateral relationship, he said.
Jaishankar said developing nations have the responsibility to make sure other countries can take benefit from their experiences.
He said there are examples of this today in the field of security.
“If Mozambique faces challenges from terrorists, as a country, which has itself been sold deeply impacted, it is our moral obligation today to help another country which is going through this,” Jaishankar stressed.
Recalling a speech by Prime Minister Modi during his trip to Uganda in 2018, Jaishanakar said in his address, the Prime Minister said that “we will be guided by what are the priorities and the interests of our partners and that we will ask please tell us what is important for you.”
“And if we can do it, if we have something there which is of value, we will be very honoured to do it. So what has defined India’s growing relationship with Africa, which is very very visible in Mozambique, because Mozambique is among the most important and substantive relationships in Africa, is whatever we are doing,” he stressed.
What value India can bring has given it a different standing in the world.
He said sharing development experiences and standing with each other in crisis is the centrepiece of India’s approach to its G-20 Presidency.
He said India assuming the G-20 presidency is a very big responsibility because the world is going through a very difficult period.

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