Happiness Decoded Crucify Negativity to stay in a Good Mood

A Short Description
Happiness Decoded (HD) starts by giving a precise definition of happiness which simplifies what needs to be done to stay happy. It is built around the theory of the Eight Cs which identifies things you need to let go of and things you need to inculcate to attain a positive state of mind which is not easily disturbed. In the eight chapters dedicated to the eight Cs there are various examples to help the readers understand how a C affects their life and how they can handle it to stay in a good mood most of the times. Happiness Decoded will make you introspect; help you identify the reasons which are making it difficult for you to be a positive person; and give you simple but effective tips on how to be happy again.
But, of course, as is stated in the book, you are the king of your universe and in the end it is you and only you who can change your world.

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