‘Govt open to amend farm laws’

New Delhi, Feb 11 (PTI): Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday asserted the government is ready to talk openly on the new agricultural laws and amend them if needed even as he said the farmers agitating against the legislations are being “misled”.
Singh, a former agriculture minister, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already clarified in Parliament that the existing MSP (minimum support price) system will continue and that the transactions under the new laws will be for the farmers’ produce and not for their land.
In an address at an online event organised by the Madhya Pradesh government, the defence minister said the new farms laws were enacted to ensure the right price to the farmers for their produce and help them sell their produce anywhere in the country.
“An atmosphere of confusion was created and it was said that the wholesale market will no longer exist, the MSP system will come to an end and the land of the farmers would be mortgaged,” he said, adding the farmers were “misled” and these confusions were created by people with “vested interests”.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said very clearly in the Parliament recently that there was MSP, there is MSP and there will be MSP,” he said.
He said the farmers are being misled despite clear articulation over the new laws and provisions by the government.

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