Flower Carpet to welcome 2023 Cricket World Cup

In an eagerly anticipated return, India is set to host the Cricket World Cup after a hiatus of 12 years. The muchawaited tournament is scheduled to take place in various Indian cities during the months of October and November. Amidst the excitement of this grand event, an exceptional and symbolic gesture is taking place in the form of a magnificent flower carpet, reminiscent of the vibrant tradition of Onam celebrations – the cherished national festival of Kerala.

This intricate flower carpet, a work of art that resonates with the essence of welcome and celebration, has been meticulously crafted in Calicut using real flowers. With the World Cup representing the epitome of cricketing excellence on a global scale, this floral masterpiece adds an extra layer of splendour to the proceedings. The endeavour to create this stunning spectacle is being spearheaded by a group of ardent cricket aficionados, led by Professor Vasisht. M.C., a distinguished scholar and former Head of the Department of History at Malabar Christian College in Calicut. Supported by his childhood companions – Santosh, Prinson, Krishnanand, Suresh, and Pradhan – this dedicated team has poured their creativity and passion into shaping this striking floral carpet.

Professor Vasisht shared his thoughts on this noble undertaking, stating, “Our intention behind this endeavour is twofold: to extend a warm and resplendent welcome to the Cricket World Cup and to amplify the message of cricket as a unifying force for national integration.” As the fragrant petals align to form this splendid work of art, it not only signifies India’s zeal for cricket but also encapsulates the country’s rich cultural tapestry and diversity. Just as cricket has the power to transcend boundaries and unite people in a shared love for the sport, the flower carpet stands as a visual representation of unity and harmony. The unveiling of this magnificent flower carpet serves as a prelude to the upcoming World Cup, generating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

The amalgamation of sporting excellence, cultural heritage, and the spirit of unity is poised to make the 2023 Cricket World Cup an unforgettable chapter in the history of the game. As the nation prepares to host the world’s most prestigious cricketing event, the vibrant petals of the flower carpet serve as a reminder that cricket, much like the kaleidoscope of colours, has the extraordinary power to bring people together from all corners of the world.


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