‘Did satyagraha for B’desh’s freedom’

Dhaka, Mar 26 (PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hailed ‘Bangabandhu’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s leadership and the contributions of the Indian Army in Bangladesh’s 1971 Liberation War as he joined his counterpart Sheikh Hasina and President Abdul Hamid in celebrating the golden jubilee of the country’s independence and the birth centenary of its founder.
Addressing Bangladesh’s 50th Independence anniversary at the National Parade Square, Modi recalled the role played by the Indian Army in the freedom war and said the blood of those who fought for their liberation and the blood of Indian soldiers are flowing together and this blood will form such a relationship that will not break down under any type of pressure.
Recalling the 1971 war of independence, Modi said the pictures of atrocities that the Pakistan Army inflicted on the people in then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) used to distract people in India. “I must have been 20-22 years old when I and my colleagues did Satyagraha for Bangladesh’s freedom,” he told the gathering. “I salute the brave soldiers of the Indian Army who stood with the brothers and sisters of Bangladesh in Muktijuddo,” said Modi.

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