Deteriorating conditions in Manipur

The decision to have the viral video case investigated by the CBI in Manipur comes as a relief. However, one cannot overlook the fact that this decision was taken rather belatedly. The question that arises is why the incident of 4th May remained concealed until it went viral? It is evident that the government and administrative authorities failed to act promptly, raising concerns about their responsiveness. Even now, the situation in Manipur is far from being stable. Instead of addressing the issues at hand, both the ruling party and the opposition seem more interested in trading accusations against each other. It is imperative for both parties to realize that political agendas can wait; what matters most is to restore order and control in the state.
N. Mateeni, Mumbai

Retort to China

China’s repeated issuance of stapled visas to Arunachal Pradesh people signals its claim over the region. India’s ban on Arunachal players’ travel to China in response should not harm the athletes. However, India must assert its sovereignty and respond appropriately to China’s antics. Diplomatic channels should be used to reaffirm Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India and protect its dignity. We must stand united, unwavering against any attempt to undermine our nation’s integrity.
N. Ashraf, Mumbai

Debating Awards and Free Speech

The act of returning awards and titles as a form of protest is not new in India’s history. From Rabindranath Tagore’s renunciation of his knighthood to recent instances like Mirabai Chanu’s desire to return her medal, such actions have been a means to express dissent. Writers, filmmakers, and artists have also followed suit, causing embarrassment to those in power. The parliamentary standing committee’s proposal, suggesting awardees sign an undertaking to never return their prizes, takes on political implications in this context. This notion of a “noreturn” policy dampens the spirit of celebration and appears authoritarian. It seemingly restricts free speech, raising concerns about the state of democracy in our nation.
MJ Azizi, Hyderabad

Building Semiconductors

India’s foresight in becoming a dependable market for vital industries, including semiconductors, is commendable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to extend 50% financial assistance to technology firms for establishing semiconductor manufacturing facilities deserves our wholehearted appreciation. This move signifies India’s commitment to strengthening its technological capabilities and reducing reliance on external sources. By fostering local semiconductor production, the nation can ensure greater self-sufficiency and bolster its position in the global technology landscape.
Jahangir Ali, Mumbai


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