Democracy Denied

The Lok Sabha approved a bill granting the Union government authority over Delhi’s bureaucracy, disregarding the democratic choice of the people who elected the Kejriwal government. This move contradicts Indian democratic principles and questions the purpose of holding assembly elections in the national capital. The apparent intent behind this ordinance is to assert control, as the BJP acknowledges its inability to win Delhi’s assembly elections against Kejriwal. Such an authoritarian approach undermines Delhi’s autonomy and raises concerns about the erosion of democratic values in the national capital.
Muhammad Hassan, Mumbai

Controversial Call
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for BJP leaders to reach out to Muslim women in Odisha, West Bengal, and Jharkhand during Raksha Bandhan has sparked controversy. While he believes the ban on triple talaq boosts Muslim women’s security, the suggestion disregards the absence of Raksha Bandhan in the Muslim community and may impose unwanted pressure. The practice is rooted in Hindu traditions, and singling out women raises questions of gender bias. To promote true harmony, mutual respect between Hindu and Muslim communities is vital. Sadly, the PM’s focus on NDA’s political interests overshadows the need for interreligious understanding and peaceful coexistence.
Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad

Freedom of Religion
Religion holds immense significance as a matter of faith, impacting lives profoundly. India’s Constitution recognizes and upholds the fundamental right to religious freedom. This grants every individual the liberty to choose and practice their faith. However, religious harmony is equally crucial, fostering respect for other religions. The recent violence in Nuh serves as a reminder that no right is absolute; they come with responsibilities. Misusing the right to religious freedom leads to strife. To maintain a harmonious society, it is essential to exercise rights with respect for others’ rights, embracing the essence of coexistence.
Faqir Singh, Dasuya

Misused Processions
Religious processions have deviated from their true purpose, becoming a display of power instead. Regrettably, some politicians exploit these events to pander to particular vote banks and further their agendas. Amidst it all, the people bear the brunt while the instigators evade accountability. This cycle must cease, and the perpetrators must face justice. Citizens must demand that politicians be answerable for fostering divisive politics, aiming for transparency and responsible leadership.
Rajesh Juneja, Sriganganagar


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