‘Congress will eliminate hatred, bring peace in Assam’

Mariani (Assam), Mar 20 (PTI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed the BJP, accusing it of attacking Assam’s culture, language, history and brotherhood, and promised to eliminate hatred and bring peace if his party is voted to power in the state.
Addressing an election rally at Mariani in the Jorhat district, Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi works only for the two-three richest industrialists of the country and not for the common people.
“The BJP is attacking Assam’s culture, language, history and brotherhood… We will protect you and your culture and identity, eliminate hatred and bring peace. It is your state and it cannot be run from Nagpur,” Gandhi told the rally.
Attacking the ruling BJP in Assam, he said the entire state is being “handed over” to “outsiders”.
“The government has given Rs 2,000 crore of your money to modernise the Guwahati airport. Now that has been snatched from you and given to Adani. In this way, everything in the country is being given to his (Modi’s) two-three richest businessman friends,” Gandhi said.
He alleged that the BJP makes different promises at different places but does not fulfil them.
“I never lie. See what I had said before the polls in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. I had said that farmers’ loans will be waived. Within six hours of forming the government in Chhattisgarh, it was done. Likewise, every promise in other states was fulfilled,” he said.
He was campaigning in Mariani, which is going to the polls in the first phase on March 27, in support of sitting three-time heavyweight Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi, who will have a direct contest with BJP nominee Ramani Tanti.
Gandhi said that if the Congress forms government in the state, then a law will be introduced to nullify the CAA, five lakh government jobs will be given, 200 units of electricity will be free for all, housewives will get Rs 2,000 per month and minimum wages of tea garden workers will be raised to Rs 365.
“You are seeing the condition of the country. BJP did demonetisation saying it was a fight against black money.
However, it snatched money from you and gave it to two-three big industrialists.
“Then came GST, promising simple tax and benefit for all. Modi brought it with five different taxes and the highest rate is at 28 per cent… Thousands of industries were shut down due to these two decisions. He says something, but does something else,” the former Congress president said.
Raising the issue of price rise, he said the BJP government is working for “hum do, humare do (we two, our’s two)” while farmers, small businessmen, workers and other people are suffering due to high inflation.
“He (Modi) waived taxes and loans of the two-three industrialists, but he did nothing for you. He even attacked the farmers by bringing in the three farm laws. That is why we have brought the five guarantees for you,” Gandhi said while mentioning the party’s poll promises.
He said the Congress government, if voted to power, will give incentives to small and mid-sized businesses so that employment can be generated in the private sector as well.

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