W hen it comes to communication and soft skills be it from the perspective of cracking entrance tests for most coveted schools of India, training for job placements or reaching prestigious foreign universities for graduation & post graduation or training Corporate heads in fluency and content, Shubhra Jand Khalsa is the answer to many questions especially for those who are looking for quality in Raipur which is unmatchable looking at the passion and knowledge she carries for her students.
In a candid chat with CENTRAL CHRONICLE, SHUBHRA JAND KHALSA, talks about the communication business she has generated in virtues of quality and passion. She runs her own academic center called CCL (Centre for Communication and Learning) preparing students for aptitude tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT.
Her expertise ranges from students being selected in elite schools like, Welham’s, Sahyadri, Good Shepherd Ooty, Bishop Cotton etc, to training students for placements at IIM Raipur, teaching Business Communication at ITM University, to training very known dignitaries looking for honing their communication skills for promotions at higher levels or to the proud enrollments for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Australia, UK, Canada, US, Germany, Singapore and the likes.
Her passion towards the subject and enthusiasm to teach is hard to miss. Being a gold medalist from Mumbai University and a CELTA trainer from British Council makes her an expert in her field and gives her the credibility to stand out. Having more than a decade’s experience gives her a deep understanding of the education system and the situation of students in the city.
Her forte lies in creating customized courses for her students because when it comes to language one size cannot fit all; one has to consider the environment, mother tongue influence and past education.
In 2000 when she went to Pune from Chhattisgarh she was treated as the girl from the tribal land, nobody recognized Raipur and was literally treated like the obsolete India of snake charmers. English language was never the forte of people who didn’t dwell in metro cities. Her contemporaries were all from Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune but what she had was confidence, a strong reading background and the genetic gift to grind in hard work. Values like self reliance, financial independence and clarity of thought were deeply instilled in her.
She started her teaching career from an international school in Gujarat in 2005, where she taught ICSE and IB board students which gave her a profound insight on how learning content and practices make a huge difference in children’s approach to problem solving.This built a base in understanding the students while customizing study material for students of different boards.
After completing B.Ed from Mumbai university, interest in the field of aptitude tests charmed her to work with a very popular testprep in Mumbai and trained students for CAT exams. This proved to be a turning point in the journey of excellence in the field of aptitude tests and resulted in the awed and cherished destination, CCL for the aspirants who are looking for wings to fly high by clearing the initial threshold of high scores requirement in aptitude and communication. The passion towards her profession gave her many opportunities to mentor the best students in central India and help them reach their destination when it comes to best ranked universities around the world.
Dand, a strong, independent woman who is not only envied upon for her knowledge but also for the values and respect she carries gracefully with her presence .She has proved her worth with the ever growing subject expertise and the vast experience making CCL grow on her shoulders single handedly. She leads as an example to all those who want to fly beyond the limited horizons. With humble beginning but with the adept skill to teach and the passion to learn consistently makes her a vocabulary giant and a virtuoso in entrance tests.

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