Ayush Mehra: Global pandemic made us realise value of doctors

A ctors Ayush Mehra and Sarah Hashmi play pivotal roles in the new season of the web series “Operation MBBS”. The season highlights the struggle that doctors and medical staff went through during pandemic.
“I think there is nothing more honourable than celebrating the effort of doctors and what they went through during the global pandemic. It made us realise all over again that only through adversity do we understand the value of certain people and their hard work — like the police force, Army and doctors. I think with our show, if we change the perspective of at least a part of our audience and make them realise the value of doctors, we are successful,” said Ayush.
Sarah added: “I think we should have always understood the value of doctor and celebrated their efforts, and it took a pandemic to understand the fact. If we really respect the effort of our doctors, especially during the pandemic, we should seriously follow all the rules that are set by the health department. We should behave responsibly by wearing mask, sanitise ourselves, and take care of our health.”
Set in a medical college the new season of the show brings to light the hurdles and unprecedented situations the medical community faced when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.
Over the past few years, the younger genaration has developed an inclination towards making a career out of creative fields — be it music, acting, dance or even as social media influencers. Do they find being a doctor boring?
“I think it is a stereotype that doctors are boring. I know many doctors who are as cool as rock stars, who dance, eat, party, and yet they are successful. Yes, it is true that many youngsters are interested in becoming actors, filmmakers or artistes. But there is a large section of students — many of them from small towns — who are preparing to become doctors. ‘Serious’ and ‘boring’ are just tags,” said Sarah.
Ayush added: “It is also about role models. I am watching Shah Rukh Khan since childhood and he inspired me to become an actor. We all love Arijit Singh and many want to become like him. Just because there is no camera and not every movements of theirs is documented, like the way it happens with filmstars or rock stars, it does not mean the life of a doctor is less thrilling or boring.”
The show streams on YouTube and social media platforms.

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