‘ZSI to focus on reaching people through AI’

Kolkata, Aug 06 (PTI): The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) will focus more on infusing modern technology into standard formats of research, its new director Dhriti Banerjee said on Friday.
Banerjee, who became the first woman director of the 105-year-old body under the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, said the aim is to reach the people through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet so that the diversity of the country is realised by all. There is also a need for people to understand the importance of conservation, she told PTI.
“The perspective of conservation is ingrained into our work matrix and so in the new role as its chief per se would be to infuse modern technology into our standard formats of research,” Banerjee said.
“The priority of research is exploration, documentation, genetic characterisation, spatiotemporal distribution and digitisation of Indian fauna, so that the milestones set for conservation may be reached,” she added.
On being appointed the first woman director of the institute, Banerjee said it would build confidence among junior woman scientists.
“I have never noted any gender biases myself. But yes, it’s the feeling of empowerment that would overarch the other emotions,” she said.
“If the head of the institution is a woman, it does instinctively lead to greater recognition for woman in power within it,” she added.

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