Youth should absorb and learn from every experience: Mallya

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Raipur, Dec 11: “I was a celebrity even when there wasn’t much to celebrate,” joked Sidhartha Mallya in a candid interview with Aanchal Garcha during an online event held.
The Write Circle a boutique event by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation was held with Sidhartha Mallya an Indian-American actor, model and now author of If I’m Honest, a memoir of his journey as one suffering from certain mental health disorders.
Conversationalist for the evening Aanchal Garcha, promotes literature among various strata of society through literary events and an exclusive reading club for children called the Budding Bookworms.
Speaking exclusively about his book, If I’m Honest, Sidhartha proclaimed that no one is immune to mental health disorders as it doesn’t discriminate between rich or poor, gender neutral or Indian or other. It can happen to anyone but the sad part is we refuse to accept and acknowledge. Often making those that acknowledge it feel guilty if they’re from a wealthy background and hopeless if they’re not from a very privileged background.
Despite having been born with a proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, it is evident both in the book and during the course of the interview that Sidhartha takes ownership for all his mistakes and is proud to have been able to emerge stronger from the spiraling negativity and nagging fears he had to deal with growing up. His book he is hopeful will be of help to anyone seeking information for themselves or for anyone else that is suffering alike.
While the main point of discussion was the book written by Sidhartha Mallya, he spoke about and answered questions about so many other facets of his life. As parting advice Sidhartha counseled his young audience to absorb and learn from every experience whether big or small.

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