Youth murders friend on pressuring him to return money

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 25:
It was amidst controversy generated over denial of cash given in the form of loan purely based upon verbal assurances, a youth murdered his friend here on Saturday. The deceased had given loan of Rs 3 lakh and to which his friend was not refunding. When the deceased pressurised to refund the loan, then the accused called him to his residence and stragulated him taking him to a remote area in Gokul Nagar. After this he surrendered before police reaching nearest police station. The police took the accused to the side of murder and recovered the body and sent it for post-mortem which will be done on Monday morning at Ambedkar Hospital.
According to police, Mohammed Akeel R/o Motinagar (34), had given cash of Rs 3 lakh in the form of loan three years back to the accused Aijaz Ali (28) for starting some business. It was after facing some problems he was asking for refund from Aijaz, but was unable to pressurise him due to friendship. The accused had told him many a time that he cannot refund such a big amount and had assured to give him in parts and still he could not refund this amount till date. Again over the last few days, the deceased was pressurising his friend to refund him the amount and on which the accused assured him to give it on Saturyda and called him to his residence in the afternoon and took him to a remote area in Gokul Nagar and stabbed him.
Had given cash, taking loan on interest from market: The deceased and accused both were good friends and three years bak the accused Aijaz wanted to take contract of parking in the railway station and for which he required cash. He contacted Moh. Akeel and on which Akeel took Rs 3.50 lakh from a person who operates loan on monthly interest and extended help to his friend. Having taken this amount on loan, the deceased had to sell out his house in order to refund the amount, after pressure from the person who gave him loan.

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