Young women investors likely to choose high-risk, high-return asset class

New Delhi, Mar 07 (PTI):
Young women investors in the age group of 18-25 years are three times more likely to choose a high-risk, high-return asset class like stocks over traditional investment options like fixed deposit, as per a survey.A survey conducted , which fetched 28,000 responses, also noted women’s investment goals. It found that 57 per cent of younger millennial women are investing mainly towards their personal goals while 28 per cent invest for their travel goals and 28 per cent invest for higher education.
“The investment goals are changing with income and age,” the survey said.
Almost 70 per cent women in the Rs 30 lakh plus salary bracket cited early retirement as their main reason to invest.
For women earning Rs 10-30 lakh, the number of such women is 36 per cent and only 26 per cent women making Rs 5 -10 lakh per annum, invest to retire early.
In addition, 64 per cent women over the age of 35 cited marriage and their children’s education as the main reason to invest.
Mutual funds have emerged as the most preferred asset class for women irrespective of income or salary bracket, the survey noted.
Gold retained its place in the portfolio of women across age and income groups. Overall, 25 per cent women have invested in gold.
“40 per cent women earning more than Rs 10 lakh have invested in gold,” it said.
On investment in cryptocurrencies, the survey found that about 6 per cent women making more than Rs 30 lakh per annum have invested in cryptocurrencies.
In comparison, only 4 per cent women earning less than Rs 10 lakh per annum have invested in cryptocurrencies.
The propensity to invest in real estate was higher in women making more than Rs 30 lakh per annum, it added. The survey also had insights about 2,000 women who do not invest.

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