Young girls to renounce materialistic world and lead future life as saints

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Bhilai, Oct 20: Governor Ansuiya Uikey attended the Varghoda procession and felicitation ceremony held at Ahiwara before the Deeksha Sanskar of Mumukshu Roshni Bafna and Palak Dangi. The young girls are going to renounce the materialistic world and lead the future life as saints after getting Deeksha. On the occasion, Uikey paid obeisance to Lord Mahavir and Jain saints.
In her address, the Governor said that Deeksha Sanskar is such a ceremony, which brings a sense of pride to the family members as well as the gloom of being separated from their loved ones. Today, the young girls are getting free from worldly attachments and have started moving on the path of salvation.
“When we marry our daughter, she leaves all of us and goes to another house. This is also such a moment. The only difference is that our daughter will leave all the happiness and take deeksha. Today, our daughter is adopting on the path of God. I extend my best wishes to Mumukshu Roshni Bafna”, she said.
After taking birth in lakhs of yonis, one gets the birth as human being. Human life gives the chance to get freed from the cycle of re-birth and attain salvation.
According to our scriptures, liberation from the shackles of birth and death of life is salvation. According to Jainism, Moksha can be attained trough right philosophy, right knowledge and right character. To get “Deeksha” is to move forward in the path of attaining salvation.
Today the whole world is running blindly after material things and there is a deep attachment towards worldly pleasures. At such a time, renouncing all these worldly attractions with dedication is a big deal in itself. It is an emotional and proud moment.
Only after getting deeksha, a person is able to follow the path shown by Mahavir Swamiji. Diksha is the confluence of the two holy streams – the grace of Shri Gurudev and the faith of the disciple. This world is just an illusion and it is momentary. One day it is to be destroyed.
Only the knowledge can bring man out of the darkness of worldly attachments. Knowledge is attained only at the feet of the Lord. Therefore, one should surrender himself at the feet of the Satguru. After getting deeksha, the life of a Jain monk or Sadhvi is one of rigorous austerity and spiritual practice. They follow strict rules and always follow the path of truth and non-violence regardless of the troubles they have to face.
A normal human being cannot lead such a hard life. Only those persons are able to walk on this path, who get blessings or power from God. The life of a Jain monk is inspiring for the common man. They get a respectable place in the society only because of their deeds.
Jain monks are not only showing the right path to the society but their virtues and discourses give a new direction to the entire world. Governor urged all to give up the petty selfishness and conduct meaningful work towards the welfare of human life.
Mahavir Swami was such a great man on this earth, who himself was born in a royal family, but he renounced worldly attachment and adopted the path of truth and non-violence. His teachings give the message of humanity to the whole society.
The followers of Jainism are ahead in serving the humanity and work diligently for the welfare of the society. This is the outcome of Mahavir Swami’s teachings and his blessings.
Jain saints show the right path to the society with their words. Today when the whole world is facing many challenges, the life of Jain saints is inspiring for the entire society, she concluded.
Union Minister Faggan Singh Kulaste, Union Minister Renuka Singh, State Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu, PHE Minister Guru Rudra Kumar along with Bilaspur MP Arun Sao, MP Durg Vijay Baghel, Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik, Former Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, former Minister Dayal Das Baghel, former Parliamentary Secretary Labhchand Bafna, former MLA Savla Ram Dahare, Doman Lal Korsewada and many public representatives, Jain Saints, and followers of Jainism were present in large numbers.
The Varghoda procession of Mumukshu Roshni Bafna and Palak Dangi began from Bafna residence and concluded at Dussehra Maidan in Ahiwara. People accorded a grand welcome and felicitated the Mumukshus from place to place in the city. Thousands of people participated in the procession and greeted the Mumukshu sisters. It is noteworthy that in Jainism, Deeksha has been described as the path of salvation by renouncing worldly life. Abandoning material comforts and facilities, after Deeksha, a life of restraint and detachment is led by the saints. Mumukshu sister Palak Dangi is from Rajasthan. She accompanied Mumukshu Roshni Bafna in the ceremony. Both the girls will be given Deeksha under the guidance of Jain Acharya Ramesh.

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