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Raipur, Jun 11:

The online session of The Write Circle, a boutique event of the Prabha Khaitan Foundation was held with Jerry Pinto, a writer, poet, journalist, editor and translator who is also the winner of numerous awards and accolades in the fields of writing and journalism. The session was moderated by Kalpana Choudhary mentor N H Goel World School, Educator and fellow Ehsaas woman and attended by participants not just from Raipur but from cities pan India.
Kalpana Choudhary started the session on a lively note with a recitation of Jerry’s much adored poem ” Tickle Me Don’t Tickle Me”. And Jerry, being the warm and friendly person that he known to be after first reciting a poem went on to compliment the moderator on her choice of saree.
Speaking about his journey as a writer, Jerry recalled his friend who would always urge him to write when in his mind he had planned other career options. However he also advised amateur writers to write without fear and to think of themselves as masons who lay bricks, by putting down a word then another, then a 10th word then a 100th word one after the other. He said the journey of a writer is a constant struggle to be better and that all writers are optimists.
Jerry spoke at length in reference to his first novel Em and The Big Hoom and in that context advised that we should never take a person who says they are feeling depressed lightly nor should we try to give silly advice. He said we should always bring healing silence and healing support to the person just by listening and being there for them. At the end of the session Jerry said that every thinking Indian should interrogate his or her privileges.
The enthusiasm of the audience was evident in the questions asked by them bringing to light the fact that even a pandemic cannot keep literary enthusiasts away from their world of books and words.
The session ended with a thank you note by Shrishti Trivedi, lawyer turned entrepreneur and founder of Project Getout, a local community venture and fellow Ehsaas Woman.

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